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Paul Veenvliet

It was three years ago. I had the impression that the same few cultivars domonate in cultivation, especially on graveyards in Slovenia. To check this idea I stopped at graveyards every now and then, just to look at the semps on the graves.

At one graveyard, not far from my home, there is a nice group of semp cultivars planted in a small plantbed between a building and the parking place. Of course I had to look at these as well. Then I noticed something very small in the asphalt. Sempervivum-seedlings! Straight in the asphalt! I tried to get the biggest ones out, but damaged them while I did this. A few survived anyway. Of these, most turned out to be arachnoideum-like and I eventually threw them to the compost because they didn't look very special to me. 

I kept two. This is the fastest growing one and I really like it. The other is similar, but still too small to be sure if I will keep it. 

I decided to name this one, just because I like it and I like how I got it. It got the name "Revy", which is a main character in the cartoon "Black Lagoon". The cartoon (and anime) is violent and Revy from the cartoon has been growing up on the streets, like my semp. Both are rough, tough and streetwise. 

The parents of my "Revy" are no-name planted cultivars, I suspect that Rotmantel has something to do with it, but can't be certain about it. 

Revy is a middle-sized Semp, with in spring contrasting mahony red bases to the leaves and pronounced leaf hairs on the edges of the leaves (betraying some arachnoideum-blood). It proves to be an easy grower with lots of offshoots. In summer it is less contrasting, but retains some red. With this, it reminds me of the famous old trio Alpha, Beta and Gamma, but it is all together more contrastingly coloured. 

At the moment I have enough plants of it that I am reasonably certain that I can maintain it, but not yet enough to share many. Anyway, I am not sure if anyone will be interested in my finding from the streets ... The plant is from 2014.

Kurze Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch

2014 fand Paul Veenvliet Sempervivum-Sämlinge im Asphalt auf einem Friedhofsgelände in seinem Heimatort in Slowenien.  Von den mitgenommenen Rosetten schienen zwei „besonders“ zu sein. Eine davon vermehrte sich schnell und da er sie besonders schön fand, gab er ihr den Namen ‚Revy‘. Das ist der Hauptcharakter im Cartoon „Black Lagoon“, der auf der Straße aufgewachsen ist – wie die Semps. Beide sind rau, zäh und raffiniert.

Die Eltern von ‚Revy‘ sind Noname-Kultivare. Paul Veenvliet vermutet, dass   ‘Rotmantel‘ eine Rolle gespielt haben könnte.

Revy ist eine mittelgroße Sempervivum, im Frühling kontrastreich mit mahagoniefarbenem Rot, an den Rändern der Blätter auffallende Haare, die arachnoideum-Blut offenbaren.  Es hat sich gezeigt, dass es eine einfach aufzuziehende Pflanze mit zahlreichen Ablegern ist.

Im Sommer ist sie weniger kontrastreich, aber bleibt etwas rötlich. Damit wird Paul Veenvliet an das berühmte Trio 'Alpha', 'Beta' und 'Gamma' erinnert, aber 'Revy' ist noch ein bisschen kontrastreicher gefärbt.

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